I am a qualified mentor, trained through the More To Life organisation, teaching courses in Self-Esteem Enhancement, People on Purpose, and the Power of Connection.

These courses are typically taught in six weekly sessions, each of 3 hours for groups of 6-9 participants.

Each session has a particular focus.

  • Self-Esteem Enhancement enables people to connect to their true self worth. And to make choices that are in alignment with their true internal values. Often we live lives that are deeply coloured by answering to external demands, and out of connection to ourselves.
  • Power of Purpose enables the exploration of purposes in important areas of our lives. It encourages reprioritizing our purposes to reflect what is really important to us. This course enabled me to see some unhelpful patterns quickly, and make supportive changes to my life.
  • Power Of Connection explores how healthy relationships in our lives are sustaining, supportive and give us a sense of well-being. It illuminates blocks to connection, and works through these.