Coaching FAQs

How does it work?

I meet with the client. This is generally face to face, although it could be by Skype or, rarely, phone. We do an initial exploratory session to clarify the areas we will work on, if we choose to work together. From there, we would typically recognize a result to work towards in our sessions that will be helpful to make progress on-eg improved relationships, better work-life balance, more purpose at work. These are just a few possibilities, but there are many more.

Through the coaching process, clients often will report significant  positive changes. We illuminate such things as unhelpful demands, expectations in our minds, “sabotaging” behaviours and counter purposes that block results, and often find ways through these.

  A typical coaching series may be something like 6 sessions, although it is variable according to the specific need of the client and eg it may fit to have considerably more sessions.

Session Length 

This is typically from 60 to 75 minutes.



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