I work with clients to tap into their  resources to create results that are important for them. This may involve accentuating talents, abilities, qualities they already have. Or, it can involve uncovering what is blocking them – eg distorted negative thinking about themselves, or a repetitive, unhelpful pattern of behaviour.

There are a few different categories of change that coaching attends to:

I help clients with their vision and direction for what they want to achieve.

I help clients strategize their actions.

Part of what clears the route for the above steps is living through empowering beliefs, rather than negative-fear based-beliefs.

I help clients have a plan for upgrading their skills.

I help clients to have an environment (including physical) that supports their growth/ change.


I am compassionate and conscientious, and it gives me much satisfaction to guide somebody towards creating something that is really meaningful for them. I am an effective coach.

It is sadly too common for human beings to not actualize meaningful/ significant purposes and goals in their lives, and that is a pity.