About Me

I am a qualified coach and a general practitioner (GP). I specialize in coaching people towards their emotional health when they are suffering from physical problems and I also coach more generally on other themes.

I have been working as a general practitioner (GP) since 1996-having gained a broad medical experience. My medical training was in London, where I have continued to work since graduation.

I coach people on a number of themes-e.g. on improving their relationships, on their vocation, on work- life balance and, generally, on achieving significant goals in their lives. I completed my coaching qualification in 2009. I have always been interested in people’s personal development and bringing the best of themselves forward.I embarked on my own journey of self-development many years ago as I, too, want to live my fullest life.

For many years, one of my areas of interest has been mens’ self development. Often men can take on the role of the “solid” one, and are shut off to exploring their own personal development, which limits possibilities for a better quality and less stressful life. I have attended many gatherings such as those led by Robert Bly, a leader in this field, and have been an active member of supportive mens’ groups over many years.

I am pleased to say that I have a full life-amongst my hobbies I enjoy music (love it!), dancing and drumming. I enjoy reading and being out in nature. I very much enjoy good comedy, and from a young age seeing the funny side of life is in my bones. A sense of humour doesn’t go amiss sometimes in coaching! I like most sports, particularly football and cricket.


MBBS London  1988

MRCGP London  1995

More To Life Professional Coaching Qualification  2009